1 299,001 499,00 btw incl.


1 299,001 499,00 btw incl.

Our top model! Noble and with high precision manufactured in the Black Forrest.
The vibration-damped solid wood chassis eliminates all unwanted influences. Therefore a clear scanning  through the high-class tonearm is ensured. It has a quadruple ball bearing und it has a stageless height adjustment. Therefore a huge number of high quality cartriges can be used.
For the platter bearing a special brass composition was choosen, in which the 10mm axle runs smoothly. This ensures a quiet running.
As usual, the tripple damped sandwich platter is driven by a precision flat belt, which runs selective with 33 1/3, 45 or 78 r/min.

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Tonearm technology:

This record player is equipped with a newly developed tone arm, unique to this player. The height-adjustable arm has a quadruple ball bearing Cardan joint and a particularly torsionally rigid tone arm head made of carbon fibre. 

Chassis technology:

The aluminium sandwich platter is weighted with copper damping rings and a cast damping mass is also located within the interior. This ensures both good synchronisation and extremely low resonance of the platter. The brass platter bearing is characterised by very high running smoothness. A Teflon bearing mirror makes the bearings extremely durable.

Drive technology:

The platter is driven via a precision flat belt and a DC motor with electronic speed control. In addition to the standard 33 1/3 and 45 rpm speeds, archive records can be played at 78 rpm. Delivery does not include cartridge.

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