Line Magnetic LM-33LP

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €2 359,00.Huidige prijs is: €1 999,00. btw incl.

Line Magnetic LM-33LP

Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €2 359,00.Huidige prijs is: €1 999,00. btw incl.

High End Phono MM / MC tube phono stage

Line Magnetic LP-33 Tube Phono Preamplifier. Super versatile unit that operates with either MM or MC cartridges. Unit has separate outputs for cartridge type and a selector for Low or High Output. Uses 3 x 12AX7 tubes. 2 piece preamp with separate power supply and interconnect cable. Power switch is located on power supply and RCA input and output are located on the preamp.

Wonderful sounding phono stage and only selling to consolidate this unit and custom tube rectified, 6SN7-based line stage. 

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The power supply and the output stage are encapsulated and installed separately on the phono amplifier to avoid and lower the disturbance between each other.Specially take nickel slices EI-19 with highly magnetic permeability, to make small signal amplified at many times.

Well selected and matched tubes. Tubes we chose are 3*ECC803S(JJ) in audio amplification.

German Mcap coupling capacitors and Janpanese Nichicon & Rubycon filtering capacitors have been applied.


Input sensitivity: MM: 6mV   MC(H): 1mV   MC(L): 0.5mV

Frequency response: 20Hz ~20KHz(-1.5dB)

Dimensions(W*D*H): 302*131*139mm (main body)

                                        170*113*81mm(power supply)

Power output: ~220V ± 5%(50Hz)

Working conditions: Temperature:0°C ~ 40°C    Moisture:2% ~ 80%

Storage conditions: Temperature:-20C ~ 70°C   Moisture:2% ~ 90%

THD: 0.15%(1KHz)

SNR: MC: 60dB   MM: 70dB

Gain: MM: 50dB  MC(H): 66dB  MC(L): 72dB

Separating degree of two channels: MM: -65dB  MC: -50dB

Power Requirements: ~ 230VAC ± 5% (50Hz)

Power consumption:20W

Input impedance: MC: 47Ω(L) 100Ω(H)  MM: 50KΩ                    Output impedance:10KΩ

Net weight:6.5kg


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